The Construction of the Thesaurus (pilot phase) PDF Print E-mail

When the Thesaurus Team was appointed the Thesaurus Committee decided not to wait for the updating of the software and launched the pilot structuring of the vocabulary using the existing -by that time- software.  Each Member  of  the  Committee cooperated   with  a member of  the Team and began structuring  the vocabulary  in  the following Hierarchies:

•  Economy
•  Regional Development
•  Sociology
•  International Relations
•  Psychology

The field of study has been gradually expanded  and -until today- more than 3000 terms have been entered in the thesaurus. These terms  belong  to 9  Microthesauri and 34 Hierarchies. The Thesaurus will  gradually  cover in extent and depth the subject fields/domains  of the libraries’ collections of the Consortium of  Hellenic Academic  Libraries. As soon as  the software (January 2009) was updated, the terms were transferred to the latest version of the software. The problems that arouse due to the different ‘records’ that had been created for the same entry term-depending on the team and the scientific point of view that was adopted by each team- were arranged. The entries created were edited. The product is finished.