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 The system offers  the alphabetic, hierarchic and graphic display of the Thesaurus. The systematic display, provided by the system, has not been implemented yet.

Alphabetic  display
In alphabetical display, all the terms that are selected to be presented, even an overview of  the entire Thesaurus including all the data  that accompany each descriptor, as well as references from non-descriptors (non-preferred terms) to the descriptors (preferred terms), are shown. The thesaural relationships set out are: ET(English Term), SN(Scope Note), TT(Top Term), USE(Preferred Terms), UF(Used For, Non-Preferred Terms), BT(Broader Term), NT(Narrower Term), RT(Related Term), Source of greek and english terms. The system allows the users to save and print the data.
Hierarchic display
In hierarchical display, the location of a term in the hierarchy or in the hierarchies where this term belongs  is indicated. The different levels in the hierarchy are represented by   “--”. The system allows the users to save and print the data.

Graphic display
In   graphical   display, the entire  tree of an hierarchy is displayed, which includes the terms and their place in the hierarchy, as well as the equivalent english terms, through the use of different colors for the representation of the relationships within the hierarchy.