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A special issue of QQML Journal, which published selected papers presented at the Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference is available online at:  http://www.qqml.net/Special_Issue_January_2015_Bibliometrics.html

If you are interested in presenting LIS-related research to an international group of librarians, academics, and LIS students from more than 60 countries, consider submitting an abstract for a presentation, paper, or poster to QQML 15 to be held at the Universite Paris Descartes, Paris, France, May 26-29.

 If you would like to present bibliometric research, you may send the abstract to me directly - I am chairing a session on bibliometric research.  Dr. Stacy Creel is chairing a session on qualitative and quantitative assessment of online learning in LIS, and SLIS alum Marilyn Brissett is chairing a session on school library research.


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